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Mobility Well-being

Bringing hope for the future
for our planet, society
and all people

Peace of Mind

Zero traffic accident

Eliminating traffic accidents & realizing freedom of mobility for all

Comfortable space

Creating peaceful, comfortable spaces

Support of workers

Establishing a society where people are supported and their potential is nurtured



Achieve zero CO2 emissions from factories

Mobility Products (electrification)

Contribute to electrification of vehicles & minimize CO2 emissions

Energy use

Contribute to carbon neutrality of society by capturing & reusing CO2



Did you know?



The QR Code

DENSO Wave’s Masahiro Hara and Takayuki Nagaya invented the QR code in 1994, a technology that since its development has become an integral part of society. Even without realising it we use QR codes every day now — at the grocery store, at airports, at security checkpoints and so on. Even behind the scenes, QR code reading has been a revolutionary technology in manufacturing and supply chains across different industries.

Discover more with this QR Code and your camera