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By incorporating the perspective of social sustainability within its management strategies, DENSO is working to improve its corporate value. In other words, DENSO is striving to contribute to the resolution of social issues through its businesses.

Our approach to sustainability management shares the same intention as the DENSO Creed, and this approach represents the core of our management that we have inherited since our founding and provides us with the driving force for growth.

History of Our Sustainability Management

Automobiles have always had positive and negative aspects. On the one hand, they provide a safe and comfortable means of transportation. On the other hand, they adversely impact society in such ways as exhaust gas and traffic accidents. Since its inception, DENSO has always tackled social issues head on using an approach that involves maximizing the positive aspects of automobiles and minimizing the negative ones. By doing so, DENSO has realized growth by striving to make cars more eco-friendly, safer, and more comfortable and convenient.

The creation of the electric car “DENSO-GO” at the time of the Company’s founding, when our management faced various hardships, was an undertaking that embodies our ambition to make cars better. From the 1970s on, we have created employment opportunities and contributed to the development of local communities by promoting Monozukuri and Hitozukuri at our manufacturing bases around the world.

In addition, we have extended the technologies that we have cultivated for the automotive industry to the fields of factory automation (FA) and agriculture, thereby working to address new social issues such as labor and food shortages.

In these ways, we have been constantly implementing sustainability management that balances business growth with the resolution of social issues. We therefore consider sustainability to be a part of our DNA itself.

Sustainability Policy

We formulated the DENSO Group Sustainability Policy to ensure that all employees engage in actions that adhere to the DENSO Creed and our Basic Philosophy, and that are befitting of a Global company, amid their interactions with society and our stakeholders.

DENSO Group Sustainability Policy

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