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DNTS Avellino Plant hosts a tour for UNISA engineering students

DNTS Avellino Plant hosts a tour for UNISA engineering students

In January 2023, DNTS Avellino Plant hosted a tour for a group of students from the Engineering Department of Università di Salerno (UNISA). This plant tour is in accordance with the collaboration agreement signed by DNTS Avellino Plant and the Engineering Department of UNISA. The collaboration agreement will create a path to allow students to conduct and develop continuous projects throughout their six-month internship period at DNTS Avellino Plant.

Mr. Giuseppe Cordua, Plant Manager at DNTS Avellino, and his team welcomed the group which is composed of 2 professors, 2 research engineers and 38 fourth and fifth year Mechanical and Managerial Engineering students. The group received an introduction about DENSO as a company, as well as the products and processes conducted at the DNTS Avellino Plant. After the introduction, the group was divided into six sub-groups and received a guided tour from DNTS Avellino Plant team.

They had the opportunity to visit the 6 key areas of the Avellino Plant: Assembly, Plastic Moulding, Heat Exchangers (Nocolok), Evaporators, Water Treatments and Power Generator Facility (Trigeneratore).

Here are some impressions of the visit at DNTS Avellino Plant