A/C Compressors

A/C compressors play a key part in creating
a temperate in-cabin climate.

A/C compressors play a key part in creating
a temperate in-cabin climate.

How A/C compressors work

Car Air conditioners use the heat from evaporation of refrigerants to cool the cabin of cars.
Compressor is the heart of a car air conditioner, allowing circulation of refrigerant in all components of AC system.
In recent years, for Electric Vehicles, AC system is also needed to cool down and heat up batteries. Our compressors are designed to fit all needs of all type of vehicles.

This is why we are World Leader in Development and Manufacturing of Car Air-Conditioning Compressors. The air conditioning systems use the heat generated by the evaporation of the refrigerant to cool the passenger compartment of the car.
The compressor is the heart of the system, ensuring the circulation of the refrigerant in all components of the system.
In recent years, for electric vehicles, air conditioning systems are also used to cool and heat batteries.
Our compressors are designed to adapt to every need, for every type of vehicle.

Manufacturers choose DENSO

Holding a 40% share of the global market for original equipment A/C Compressors, DENSO is the world leader in this market. DENSO parts are selected by top vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Fiat, Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota and VW.

Features and benefits

  • High-quality compact and lightweight design.
  • Built for specific car and engine specifications.
  • Manufactured to the highest design standards with a low failure rate.
  • Extensive testing ensures reliable performance.

Compact design

Our many years of experience in engineering and manufacturing A/C components has led us to develop a compact and lightweight design that delivers high standards of cooling performance.

Easy to install

100% fit: Perfect match to vehicle specification.

Built to meet specific car and engine applications, each of our compressors is accurately manufactured to guarantee trouble-free installation.

High reliability

We have very high DENSO design standards and perform rigorous testing to ensure our thermal products are of the highest quality with an extremely low failure rate.

Types and characteristics

All our A/C compressors are manufactured and tested to meet the highest quality standards. Find out more about the main types within our range below.

A/C compressor types

Reciprocating (piston) type

Dual operating swash plate (fixed displacement) and single swash plate types (variable displacement) are available within our A/C compressor range.

Rotary type

Includes vane-type A/C compressors (identified in our range with codes SV for Sliding Vane and TV for Through Vane) and scroll types (look for SC codes, and electrical scroll for hybrid vehicles under ES).


By investing more than nine percent of net sales in research and development, we put our A/C components through a continuous innovation cycle to make them as high quality and efficient as possible.

Catalogues and leaflets

To ensure you use the correct A/C compressor for the car model in question, take a look at the catalogues and leaflets below. 

Installation and fault finding

To ensure that the A/C compressor performs efficiently journey after journey, it’s essential that it is installed correctly, and faults are fixed quickly.