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Cockpits and Front End Modules

Modules could be consider as a crossover product.

Modules could be consider as a crossover product.

They are the result of the assembly of different components and they are crossed by
various functions of a vehicle.
Ability in packaging and integration design joint to the experiences in assembly process are
our reliable assets for match up the wider car maker needs.

DENSO shows its thermal management expertise

DENSO opens the doors on its motorsport programme with Toyota Gazoo Racing, as it reveals the challenges associated with efficient thermal management in the high-pressure environment of the World Rally Championship

Did you know?

The QR Code

DENSO Wave’s Masahiro Hara and Takayuki Nagaya invented the QR code in 1994, a technology that since its development has become an integral part of society. Even without realising it we use QR codes every day now — at the grocery store, at airports, at security checkpoints and so on. Even behind the scenes, QR code reading has been a revolutionary technology in manufacturing and supply chains across different industries.

Discover more with this QR Code and your camera