Safety is one of the most important points in DENSO’s philosophy, the same safety we look for on the streets every day.

This is why DENSO has set itself the goal of speeding up technologies that promote peace of mind and unlocking safer mobility for drivers, passengers and pedestrians, thus working on a mobility infrastructure with less space for accidents.

With the increase in sustainable mobility modes and greater motorisation in developing countries, there is a need for innovation in safety.

At DENSO, we develop platforms designed to ensure connectivity between cutting-edge components such as IoT, AR and LiDAR, thus making mobility perfect and safe for everyone.

We believe that safety technology should not just remain within cars but must be integrated into the entire mobility network, so we are developing ways to link different forms of mobility with each other and with public infrastructure to enable better information

With communication between vehicles, traffic lights, and people, we can predict potential accidents and help cars, pedestrians and cyclists avoid them.